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Weighted Blanket Weighted Blanket Weighted Blanket
Large Weighted Blanket
Our Price: $129.99
Updated Price: $103.99

Medium Weighted Blanket
Our Price: $98.99
Updated Price: $79.99

Small Weighted Blanket
Our Price: $56.99
Updated Price: $45.99

Product Spotlight: Weighted Blankets

Sensory Goods' Weighted Blankets are designed to calm the sensory system allowing individuals to rest their mind and body. The result of calming the sensory system and resting the body and mind is being able to properly process thoughts and feelings without becoming overwhelmed. Many of families have gone months and years without a full night of sleep, or some families experience stressfully restless days from a poor night of sleep. Either way, after just one night under a Weighted Blanket you will begin to experience significant changes. You will see changes from the Weighted Blanket in sleeping patterns as well as attitude adjustments in the days following a night under the Weighted Blanket.

Along with the beneficial aspects of a Weighted Blanket, Sensory Goods has made Weighted Blankets fully customizable by allowing you to choose the weight, size, filling material, and fabric design. Our Weighted Blankets are handmade daily to match your style of life. Whether it be your boys obsession with Hotwheels, or your girls fixation with Hello Kitty, or even the perfectly matched color schemes in your home, our Weighted Blankets can be made to match. So, not only are Sensory Goods' Weighted Blankets therapeutic and detrimental to the progress of an individual's developmental disorder, they are a fun and fitting addition to any room in your home, office, clinic, hospital, or school.

If it was recommended that you buy a Weighted Blanket, or you have been considering buying a Weighted Blanket, we would urge you to take the step and try it! Here at Sensory Goods we are confident that you will not only see a significant difference from using a Weighted Blanket, but we are also confident that you will love your very own Custom Weighted Blanket. If not, we have a generous return policy that allows you to ship it back if you are unsatisfied. Learn more about Weighted Blankets, click here.

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