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Are you a representative for a school, clinic, hospital, and development center looking to purchase a Weighted Blanket? If so, you are probably unsure what fun and unique pattern to get that will work for the several children that pass through your facilities. Along with that, knowing the nature of your business, you must wonder if the Weighted Blanket will hold up in the wash everyday. Well, Sensory Goods is now offering an affordable and effective solution to all of your concerns. Sensory Goods now offer a Weighted Vinyl Blanket. The Weighted Vinyl Blanket comes in 3 different colors and is easy to clean by simply wiping it down with disinfectant wipes or a rag. The NEW Weighted Vinyl Blanket is still available in various weighst from 5 pounds to 20 pounds, so you can get just the weight you need for your special individuals. Also, Sensory Goods offers Next Business Day Shipping* on all of our goods including the NEW Weighted Vinyl Blanket. All of Sensory Goods' Weighted Vinyl Blankets are made by men and women who are committed to character, children, and community** in Surprise, Arizona, USA.

Please view the Weighted Blanket Warnings before purchasing a Weighted Blanket, click here.

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**Sensory Goods Commitment
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Small Deluxe Vinyl Weighted Blanket  7lb 52" X 40" (4'3" X 3'3")  RELIEVE STRESS AND ANXIETY NATURAL