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The most well-known and effective solution for sensory-related developmental disorders is the weighted blanket. However, carrying a weighted blanket around everywhere can be extremely cumbersome for the child who needs extra comfort while on the go. Sensory Goods is proud to offer a wide variety of portable, convenient products that you can take anywhere, providing deep pressure and comfort in a smaller size. We offer high-quality sensory weighted products for autism that look like regular stuffed animals but provide relief to children with sensory disabilities and help them feel calm.

Besides toys, we offer weighted lap pads and weighted neck wraps that can be used anywhere, such as a classroom, doctor’s office or any environment that might be distressing to a child with sensory issues. These deep pressure sensory items for autism apply stimulating compression that can offer comfort and lead to relaxation. All our items are available in customizable bright colors and patterns, so your child will love taking his or her new toy everywhere he or she goes. For added convenience, all items can be machine washed and dried. Each also comes in a choice of weights to best suit your child's needs.