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Therapeutic Swings for Autism

There’s nothing like the freedom you get from flying through the air on a swing. You might be surprised to know that swinging is not only fun, it’s also therapeutic. Our sensory swings for autism are perfect to help children experience vestibular movement, which helps keeps their bodies calm. Swings also help improve perception and allow people to develop better control over their bodies. At Sensory Goods, we offer a large variety of therapy swings, including the Platform Swing, Taco Swing, Bouncin’ Swing, Bolster Swing and Lycra Swing.

We’re certain that one of our sensory integration swings will help your child achieve sensory and developmental skills. We’re proud to offer affordable swings for every budget and various swings for you to choose from. Sensory Goods also offers next-day shipping to ensure you and your child can start having fun as soon as possible.

  • 100% Baltic Birch
  • Weight Tested Rope
  • Shipped Ready To Hang
  • Spring clips included to attach to eye bolt
  • Eye bolt, Swing Adapter, Rope Extensions sold separately
  • Recommended For Ages 2 And Up
  • Adult Supervision

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Gift Certificate Swing Adapter Platform Swing
Swing Adapter
Our Price: $59.99

Platform Swing
Our Price: $149.99

Rectangular Platform Swing Round Platform Swing Bolster Swing
Platform Swing (Rectangle)
Our Price: $149.99

Platform Swing (Round)
Our Price: $149.99

Bolster Swing
Our Price: $299.99
Bouncing Swing Glider Swing Mini-Hammock Swing
Bouncin' Swing
Our Price: $224.99

Glider Swing
Our Price: $224.99

Mini-Hammock Swing
Our Price: $119.99
Snuggle Swing Soft Taco Swing Trapeze Swing
Snuggle (Lycra) Swing
Our Price: $119.99

Soft Taco Swing
Our Price: $119.99

Trapeze Swing
Our Price: $44.99

Disc Swing Platform Swing Package Rope Ladder
Disc Swing
Our Price: $36.99

Rope Ladder
Our Price: $111.99